Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dance Ville to host DIDACON2016

After two successful outings, Dance Ville is set to host the third edition of the Dance Ville International Dance Conference DIDACON2016. This year the theme is “Make Dance Work”
As the theme implies this year’s conference is targeted towards the spread of activities, responsibilities and structures for a vibrant dance industry. As the Governor of Dance Ville put it

 “Dance as an industry is made up or different levels, categories and types of professionals. Apart from the dancers and choreographers which everyone knows about, we have the directors, teachers, researchers, technical people, costumes, writers, producers, venue owners, music composers, financiers … several groups of individuals are involved in a proper dance production: either on stage and screen. 
People need to know the options they have to expand their client base and/or product versatility. This conference is not only for dancers but also for people in other genres of professions. We are providing a platform for dancers, dance practitioners and others in dance related activities to take advantage of options to sustain a life long career, and other professionals to take advantage of options dance provides to increase the quality of their services or products”

The conference is slated to hold from the 11th -18th of September 2016 in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria and will round up as usual with the Amethyst Dance Awards.
The call for papers and workshop proposals are still open. If you missed it please check here.

Registration details are as follows
Early registration

Before 30th July 2016
Before 8th September  2016
At the door
From 11th September 2016
Dance Workshops
Business/Brand development classes
Exhibition Show
*Special Sessions (Studio owners, Company Directors, Producers)
*All 3 special sessions happen simultaneously. We recommend you select one. i.e. Those in the studio owner classes do not get to attend the producer sessions.
Registrations open on the first of June 2016.  Registration procedures will be made available before then.

Please forward all questions to or call 08069061580

Dance Ville Int. Dance Conference ( DIDACON ) 3 Call for papers 2016


DanceVille Entertainment is hosting a dance conference themed Beyond Dance 11th – 17th September 2016, and as such is sending out a call for any interested parties with submissions on any topics related to the theme. Our particular table of interest includes
·       Career transitions
·       Health
·       Business, and
·       Financial Stability
All other topics related to the schematics of the dance industry off the dance floor are also welcome. Authors of accepted papers may be invited to present their work at the seminars, in addition, the papers will be published on the Conference website.

Call Paper Timetable

Timely submission of the papers is critical to the success of the program. The procedures and timetable enumerated below will apply.
Deadline for Proposals
By 24th April 2016, authors should submit a one to two page proposal for their papers including the title, a short description of the topic(s) to be addressed, the approach that will be taken, and a survey of existing actuarial literature on the subject (title and abstract of a maximum of the five most relevant papers). Proposals, along with authors’ contact information, should be submitted via e-mail to Please put Danceville International Dance Conference in the subject line.
Acceptance of Proposals
By 7th of May 2016 the Board will make a decision on all proposals. The number of accepted proposals might be limited. The Committee will contact authors regarding their proposals.
Completion Date
By 17th of July 2016 the Board must receive the completed paper with a 200-word abstract. This can be done via already provided mail account. Each paper will be screened by the Board to assure its quality of exposition and relevance to the call.
Approving the Completed Paper
By 1st of August 2016 all authors will have been notified as to the results of this screening process. Before that time, the Board will try to give authors time to respond to comments from the screening process. Accepted papers will be published on the Conference Website after the seminar on which the paper is to be presented. The Board will determine which papers are to be published and reserve the right to not publish a submission.
Presenting the Paper
Authors may be invited to present their papers at the Conference Seminars scheduled for [11th-17th September 2016, Dance Ville Studios, Seminar]. Each invited author should make every effort to attend the Seminars and present his/her paper. These authors will be contacted in advance of the Conference kick off.
Submission Guidelines
Papers must be no more than 10,000 words. Authors will be required to sign off on a Permission to Publish form which formally grants DanceVille the right to publish said paper. Authors are encouraged to submit working templates in spreadsheet form for models or methods discussed or developed in their papers and/or PowerPoint presentations incorporating the details of the paper's calculations. The spreadsheets and presentations will be posted on the Conference Website along with the paper.

The DanceVille Board looks forward to receiving proposals in response to the call, and is happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties.
Questions may be addressed to The Governor of DanceVille via e-mail at Your participation in this effort to produce new papers will contribute to the written body of knowledge for the dance community and to the success of the DanceVille International Dance Conference.

Practicing dancers in different genres of dance who will like to hold a workshop during the conference are expected to send a proposal

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dance Out by Victor Edet

Dance out! 
O! Dance 
Hearts are filled with questions
With no answers verifying
How did you do that, 
What did you do it for, 
How did you start, 
What did you feel, 
Are you human
Or another of a kind, 
Yes! I will tell you
 but not with words...

If I tell you with words
You will not listen 
If I tell you with words
You will ignore me 
Instead I will stand
On the Holy ground
And my soul will dive 
Deepening into the artistry imaginations
Shattering in lost directions
And my consciousness will let me all alone
Just to put up for you
Chef-d'oeuvre of my mind

And I'll spring out to see
The face of the world
And it will feel like the world
Is on my shoulders
But I will gather alleviation 
With the use of my
God's-gifted personifications
And grant you verifications
For this is my armor
To fight for redemption
Least, drop your outlooks weapons
And get on the notional stage
Dance out, for freedom
Dance out, for life......

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sparkle Dance And Arts 2014 a grand success

After six days of painting, beading, building, printing and  dancing, the Sparkle dance and arts was rounded up with a recital on the 10th of August 2014 at the Dance Ville grounds in Ewet Housing Estate Uyo. We had a total of 28 children who participated and a lot of content parents. see

pictures below.